ZooZither presents Little Raincoat, a collection of 120 analog percussive samples created using the Macbeth Micromac synthesizer. 101 samples are straight-up Micromac and 19 samples include some analog outboard processing to add a more distorted flavour. These samples will work well with your Machinedrum, Octatrack or other hardware or software sampler.

Upon purchase you are free to use these samples in your own work without restriction. You are, of course, prohibited from redistributing or selling these samples.

Little Raincoat audio demos. Grooves created using an Elektron Octatrack. Some clicks are present in the demos from enveloping the samples with the Octatrack.

Price: US$7
Format: 44/16 wav
Zip File Download Size: 4.1 MB

*Please note after making your purchase you have to click on the return to merchant link to get to the download.


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