ZooZither brings you Voltage - 256 samples of pure analog goodness rolled into two Battery 3 kits! Note the samples are saved separately from the Battery 3 kits, so you have full access to the samples to use in any other software or hardware that can load .wav files.

Upon purchase the sample content becomes yours to do with as you please, with the notable exception of redistributing the content. ZooZither retains no rights to the content you have purchased.

The Voltage sample content consists of 256 16 bit 44.1 khz wave format samples which break down as follows:

108 kicks
39 snares
23 hihats
7 toms
24 drums
11 percussion
16 fx
28 noise

Voltage audio demos.

All sounds were made with Voltage and no fx were used other than a touch of compression, limiting and a high pass rolloff at 30 hz.

Voltage Audio Demo 1 - Kit 1
Track Time: 0:34 File Size: 1mb
Format: 256k mp3

Voltage Audio Demo 2 - Kit 1
Track Time: 0:48 File Size: 1.5mb
Format: 256k mp3

Voltage Audio Demo 3 - Kit 1
Track Time: 0:34 File Size: 1mb
Format: 256k mp3

Voltage Audio Demo 4 - Kit 1
Track Time: 1:06 File Size: 2mb
Format: 256k mp3

Here's another quick demo again made with just Voltage. This demo uses some reverb on the track sends, otherwise it is setup just like the previous demo tracks.

Voltage Audio Demo 5 - Kit 1
Track Time: 2:58 File Size: 5.5mb
Format: 256k mp3

This demo is a fairly random collection of sounds all generated with Voltage samples. No processing other than a small kiss of compression and limiting and a gentle 30 hz rolloff was used.

Voltage Audio Demo 6 - Kit 1
Track Time: 6:42 File Size: 12.3mb
Format: 256k mp3

This recent track contains other instruments but all the drum sounds were done with Voltage Kit 1:

Track Time: 4:49 File Size: 6.7mb
Format: 192k mp3

Here's an awesome guest track courtesy of Az're-ul which uses Voltage Kit 1:

Track Time: 1:05 File Size: 2.3mb
Thanks Az're-ul!

The following track demonstrates many of the sounds found in Voltage Kit 2:

Battery Life
Track Time: 8:27 File Size: 11.7mb
Format: 192k mp3

Price = US$7
Total Sample Size = 5.8 mb
Zip File Download Size (Samples + Battery 3 kits) = 4.9 mb

*Please note after making your purchase you have to click on the return to merchant link to get to the download.


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